My name is Sagar Kapoor and I made this site with Hugo. I am a Master’s student at the University of Sheffield and interning at a Digital Marketing firm. My undergraduate was in Economics. The changing economic landscape prompted me to pay attention to the wonderful world of programming, the fruits of which I had the advantage to taste when I used my Python lessons to gain insights into product prices for an online store that I was working for. Data analysis was never so easy! From that point on, I have been branching out into other languages and features that I come across.

I have been quite fortunate in this regard to come across many people in the programming world who have always been willing to lend out a helping hand, which is one of the unique characteristics of the programmer’s creed (Yes, it’s a community of its own!). Hence keeping that same principle alive, if I can help you with anything, feel free to contact me through the following:

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  4. Websites: The Indian Economist , The Indian Law