Hello there 📢

  • Welcome to my website! This is the starting place of my journey towards fusing together digital marketing and programming.
  • This site is a running script of my experiences in my Masters in Digital Marketing and self taught-programming lessons. I have tried to compensate with my persistance for what I lack in finesse.
  • I started out with Python to scrape prices for an e-commerce platform that I was working for. And ever since, I have been on a downward spiral of coding. So go ahead, enjoy my experices that I have jotted down for you.

Running Ubuntu Headless on Pi4 from USB

Run Ubuntu headless on Raspberry Pi 4 while booting from your USB without using an external monitor or keyboard, all through your host computer.

November 18, 2021

Getting Started With Git

Understanding Git and getting started with the basic commands on Git-Bash. This is a short introduction to Git, which you would have heard of on various forums if you are a beginner in coding and have been actively consuming lots of tutorials.

November 10, 2021

How to Scrape a site with Python

А brief guide to scrape a site using Python. You can use this post to get started with Python and develop it further for your personal use. Yes, we will use the programming language and not the green, cute and cold killer that you see in the thumbnail.

November 4, 2021